The seller offers only domestic shipping for the item, since international shipping would make the item available in countries where it might be prohibited.

The item complies with California law on the sale of weapons.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesnt, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

They have blaze orange barrel markings or a blaze orange barrel plug permanently attached to the weapon.

State laws must be followed. In most states, you have to be at least 18 years old to buy an airsoft gun.

Ammunition magazines for replica airsoft firearms, including imitation firearms modeled after assault weapons that show the top of the magazine. You need to include a picture of the item in your listing to show that your item isnt a real assault weapon magazine.

Miniature firearms, like those that come with action figures. You need to describe the items size in your listing, and include a picture that shows scale using a ruler or a coin.

Training firearms, usually brightly colored, solid plastic replicas. In your listing, youll need to include a picture of your item showing that its solid and that it isnt real.

Airsoft guns, replica guns, or other imitation firearms that can be converted to shoot a lethal projectile.

Any replica firearms that dont have permanent blaze orange barrel markings. If the markings look fake or temporary, the listing will be removed.

Parts and accessories for replica assault weapons, including airsoft or imitation firearms that are based on actual assault weapons.

Replica guns that were made by converting real guns, even if you cant convert them back to a working gun.

Converted brass (also known as trench art). The item has to show that its been converted and that it cant be converted back into a usable casing.

Empty ammunition boxes. The listing needs to say the item doesnt contain ammunition.

Reloading equipment and weaponsmithing tools are allowed as long as there is no mention of assault weapons in the listing.

Exploded diagrams of assault weapons that cant be used to build or convert firearms

Accessories that fit a variety of different weapons, including assault weapons. In your listing, you cant mention any assault weapon compatibility.

Any weapon defined as an assault weapon by federal or California law

Instructions or blueprints on how to convert a semi-automatic to a fully automatic weapon

Any item identified as a part for an assault weapon or as an accessory for an assault weapon

Listings for gun parts that dont specify the kinds of weapons the parts are used for

Receivers or frames for assault weapons, regardless of whether theyre complete receivers and frames, components and parts of receivers and frames, or "cut" or "80%" receivers

You can use the word "BB" to describe the ammunition for a BB gun

You can use the words "Gas Blow Back" or "GBB" to describe a replica firearm with that feature

Note: Listings for airsoft or replica guns cant use the words "BB gun" in the title or description.

Body armor that isnt military issued. Find out more about our requirements to list body armor in the Additional information section of our military items policy.

Level I, II, or III body armor or Small Arms Protection Insert (SAPI) plates, as long as you call out the specific level in your listing. Find out more about our requirements to list body armor in the Additional information section of our military items policy.

Accessories and parts for guns such as butt plates, cases, cleaning supplies, dies, grips, holsters, molds, racks, pistol grips, scopes, slings, stocks, storage cases, or trigger guards. The listing must include a description of the type of firearm the accessory or part is for and what its used for. If it doesnt, the listing may be removed.

Muzzle loader or black powder gun parts or accessories, as long as each item is offered in one listing at a time. (However, having separate listings for items that can be used to build a gun is prohibited.)

Sellers must follow all applicable state and local laws for magazine sales. High capacity magazines that accept more than 10 rounds arent allowed. Please note that some states may have a lower capacity limit.

Listings for magazines must clearly identify the make and model in the item title or description.

Firearms regardless of their ability to fire, how old they are, or their status as collectibles

Any magazine sold in violation of state or local law. High capacity magazines that accept more than 10 rounds and magazine extenders arent allowed. Please note that some states may have a lower capacity limit.

Powerheads, stick guns, or their equivalents because they work like firearms

Miniature brass knuckles.